High-Impact ICO advertising is instrumental to the success of any initial coin offering

With over 200 million monthly users, popular IM service Telegram is becoming a fantastic platform upon which to launch new ICO advertising campaigns Using Telegram, startups launching an initial coin offering can reach tens of thousands of active cryptocurrency investors In days gone by, it used to be that an announcement on Bitcointalk.org, could be enough to drum up investor excitement regarding a new initial coin offering. Sadly, ICO advertising is no longer as easy as static forum posts. Instead, initial coin offering investors are increasingly looking for ways to interact directly with startups bringing new coins to market.

Why Telegram is Making Waves in ICO Advertising Agency Circles

If you haven’t heard of Telegram, it is high time that you familiarized yourself with the popular messaging app. Popular cryptocurrency Tron, (which raised $70 million via ICO investment) benefits from support from several active Telegram groups. – With some Tron Telegram groups having over 24,000 active members. Word of Mouth is Just as Important as Ever

Why ICO advertising works on Telegram is simple.

The Telegram messenger app allows investors to connect both formally and informally with initial coin offering startups and other investors Using Telegram, an ICO advertising agency and/or group of developers can issue live ICO updates to investors and community members With regard to ICO advertising from a business perspective, promoters of ICOs can send targeted marketing messages to unlimited numbers of Telegram users ICO advertising messages sent via Telegram, can be fully tracked in terms of real-time readership and user engagement

How to use Telegram to Promote Your Initial Coin Offering

With ICO advertising becoming more competitive, startups will always stand to benefit from marketing support from a professional ICO advertising agency. By working with a professional ad agency, ICO promotion and marketing strategies can be fine-tuned from the get-go. Much more importantly, startups and ERC20 token developers can focus on what they do best. – Namely, the bringing of investment-worthy products to market in the first place. Of course, if your startup is on a strict marketing budget, you may not be able to afford dedicated marketing support. The good news, though, is that marketing coins independently via Telegram can be both easy and affordable.

Telegram Initial Coin Offering Basics

When planning to use Telegram to market an initial coin offering, decide on a Telegram version most suited to your needs. (IOS app, PC desktop, etc.) Pay particular attention when setting up a new Telegram account, to create as full a user profile as possible. – As well as one which predominantly features your token name and website Make sure to secure accounts with strong passwords, in order to deter opportunistic hackers and saboteurs
Lastly, before amassing followers and sending out promotional messages, always experiment with different message formats, captivating taglines, and impossible to resist calls to action. As your campaign starts to gain traction, make sure to then also track what kind of messages seem to enthuse your followers most. This way, you will be able to see what message styles, ICO slogans, and promotional messages, seem to most enthuse your target audience.

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