How to Implement ICO Marketing and Public Relations for Successful ICO.

ICO Marketing and Public Relations

The power of PR as a quick marketing solution for your ICO should never be underestimated. Ask the companies who have been successful with their ICOs and they will tell you that ICO Marketing and Public Relations were crucial to their success. The truth is that if you want to attract the attention of people who really matter, then you can’t afford to take any shortcuts. And a solid public relations strategy combined with an experienced ICO marketing agency in your corner is your best bet. Here are three top tips for advertising your ICO.
1. Publish an Attention-Grabbing Article
Publishing an attention-grabbing article is a crucial first step to announcing and drumming up support for your ICO. This can be in the form of a press release or a blog post. But whatever you choose, ensure that the headline screams READ ME. Once you get the headline right, you should ensure that the content is worthy. The last thing you want is a catchy headline and a trashy article. Nothing turns off readers more than a promising headline with a body that lacks substance. Publish on Famous ICO sites.
It goes without saying the most popular websites are the ones that get the most traffic. The bottom line is that when you advertise your ICO on these websites you increase your chances of ICO success one hundred fold. These famous websites engage with millions of potential investors as opposed to little-known websites. Choose a marketing agency that advertises your ICO on famous sites like Bitcoin Forecast, Coin Geiko, and The Bitcoin ews- just to name a few. 2. Get to Marketing Fast
Time is of the essence when you are advertising your ICO, especially if you have already launched it. A rule of thumb is not to start advertising too early or wait until the last few days before the ICO ends to start advertising. Aim for at least a day before the ICO begins to activate your marketing plan and keep it running throughout the entire ICO campaign. This is so your ICO is always at the forefront of the minds of investors. IF Start your ICO advertising too early and you risk being forgotten about. Start it too late and you risk not meeting your campaign goal.

I’m sure it has taken a lot of time to come up with an idea and prepare a white paper to win the trust of investors. Implement the above tips to ensure that your efforts are worthwhile. It could mean the difference between a failed, successful or an oversubscribed ICO.

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