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The active participation of the community is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. The forums, social networks, telegrams and other media require a constant presence in the media to make themselves known. answer questions and win the trust and loyalty of the community through interaction. All this can be achieved through an effective marketing strategy for an ICO launching.

A curious fact is that at the end of 2017, the ICO raised more than 4 billion dollars for their projects and have even exceeded the funds of venture capital as a way to ensure finances, and it’s all thanks to the effective marketing solutions applied. The new ICOs continue to proliferate as companies look for flexible ways to raise funds that can boost their business, and when done correctly, establish a dynamic community of loyal investors.

Interesting, right? Now you’re surely asking yourself “what are the marketing efforts that I must take into account to generate more profits and expand my business?”

Here below we will show you 3 effective solutions.

  1. Create and visualize a PLAN

Like any company, launching an ICO requires that you understand your product, target audience and growth strategy. The starting point is crucial for a successful development.

Now, once your product and purpose is established, develop a plan that includes a pricing and protection strategy for your investors. Depending on your product and purpose, there are certain legal qualifications that provide parameters for its launch, as well as the marketing support that drives your ICO.

  1. Accept and seek the HELP OF EXPERTS

You need a team of talented professionals who can give an account of your launch aspect of your ICO in each of its areas. Experienced developers, marketing and digital marketing specialists, strategies and legal advisors can help to turn your ambitions into a complete launch strategy.

  1. Spread the MESSAGE

Marketing and public relations are essential tools to help you stand out in an overcrowded field of ICOs. Use different platforms to communicate your goals, your progress, and future opportunities. Popular social media, channels such as Slack, messages by Telegram and Subreddits are an excellent option. These are valuable marketing tools as they form communities that allow you to connect with your customer base after your launch to keep on growing.

Another option is to demonstrate your experience in the industry by participating in online cryptographic communities. Well-placed articles on influential platforms can be very helpful in demonstrating your value and earning the trust of your investors.

  1. You need an ICO MARKETING

Once you count on our ICO Marketing Agency, and the combination of a captivating product, a trained team and an effective marketing campaign, you will get the most powerful means to advertise. With ICO Express by your side, the sky is the limit.

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