Redefining the ICO Marketing Space with Transparent Marketing Techniques

Redefining the ICO Marketing Space is deemed as the present and future of successful fundraising and one of the biggest trends in the cryptocurrency realm. In simple terms, it is a means of crowdfunding via the use of cryptocurrency. Investors, either corporate or individuals can invest money in a company usually by means of known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as a part of an ICO. In return, they receive a percentage of the project or a company-specific cryptocurrency being sold in the project. Initial Coin Offering has emerged as a quick and viable means for startups to fund their ventures.

Current Scenario of the ICO Market

ICOs are the talk of the town, thanks to their potential of drawing millions of investors from around the world. From 2016 to 2017, ICOs have managed to grow forty-fold. Over $5.6 billion was raised through ICOs in the past year, with 435 successful ICO projects, raising an average of $12.7 million. With all the encouraging figures, ICOs are the way to go, and more and more companies and investors are acknowledging their influence.
However, not every ICO makes for a success story. The 10 largest ICOs accounted for more than 25% of the money raised. Just 48% of ICOs in 2017 were reckoned successful. With more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation spread across nearly 10,000 markets, competition in the ICO market is stiff. The difference between success and failure in an ICO all comes down to effective marketing and public relations.

Challenges in ICO Marketing

One of the most important factors in ICO marketing is visibility. To really drum up support from investors, your ICO needs to be seen by millions of people every day. Your idea could be great, but if it lacks public interest and appeal, it won’t garner enough funds to make it to the market. That’s where an ICO marketing agency like ICO Express comes in.


How can ICO Express help you in Marketing your ICO Project?

Our team of professionals ensures that with daily, well-expressed content, your ICO always stays at the forefront of the market. One of the basic rules to ICO marketing is that a pretty face and no substance accounts for nothing. A catchy headline will draw an audience, but the rest of the content should be precise and professional, or else it risks being taken lightly.
ICO Express is an ICO marketing expert that provides affordable, yet extremely effective and focused all-round promotional campaigns for companies hoping to raise crypto funds to develop their projects and ventures. We believe in marketing that is tailored individualistically, holistically and is compact and focused enough to appeal to investors.
The journey to success on the ICO road all begins with great advertising. Owing to our strong advertising connections and the best publicity expertise, we can formulate a promotional campaign that uniquely identifies your company in the minds of potential investors.


A large promotional campaign is not enough to be successful. Since the ICO is a relatively novel and fresh concept, traditional marketing methods often don’t find success. One of the most important and basic services we offer includes a professional and complete understanding of your market, audience and company story.
ICO Express can then advertise your ICO on more than 500 of the most popular online publications. Our ICO advertising services extend to include the promotion with pop-under windows, sticky footers, HTML5 creatives, catchy banners, and numerous of other means to push public reach and interest in your venture. The constant presence in the media often pays back with trust and loyalty from a vast online community that could be instrumental in funding and building your project.
One of the freshest and most high impacts ICO advertising comes from Telegram, which has boomed in popularity since it was first launched. With more than 200 million users, this IM service has provided the perfect platform for startups to launch ICO advertising campaigns. Our ICO marketing agency can help you in creating an innovative and effective Telegram channel and send targeted ICO marketing messages to hundreds of Telegram users.
Timing is everything in the marketing era. A good ICO marketing agency like ours, recognizes that delays are a disaster in a quickly paced market that relies on public appeal. ICO Express takes you through the express route, at full speed. Quality of traffic triumphs over quantity when it comes to ICO marketing. You need to attract a community that not just believes in your venture’s forecasted success, but is also willing to fund its development.


We quickly create your Telegram channel and content and make your ICO go viral among 7000 investors with an average of $1,000 to invest. This ensures that your ICO doesn’t just have great outreach, but also an audience that understands your goal.
Marketing an ICO requires a combination of affiliate marketing, search engines, PPC, SEO, email marketing, article marketing, and many other strategies. While 2017 was relatively hassle free for ICOs in the legal sense, 2018 has seen ICOs get on the wrong side with several of the biggest Internet names.  Bans on ICO advertising, both imminent and in place, for Google, Facebook, and Twitter severely narrow the field on what and where your ICO can be advertised.
The bans, an echo of the volatility and high risk of ICO investment, make utilizing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns difficult but certainly not impossible. To avoid legal tangles and ensure that your ICO doesn’t miss out on the targeted audience that PPC can bring, it’s useful to enlist an ICO marketing agency that can help you in navigating the legal obscurities regarding ICO marketing.


Invest in Marketing so that you make the right noise

While enlisting an ICO marketing agency may seem like an extra cost or an afterthought, it is one of the first steps you should consider before making your ICO go public. Our ICO marketing agency can help you avoid costlier mistakes and unexpected costs in the long run.
The community is everything when it comes to an ICO’s success. The future of your dream project rests solely in the hands of investors who share the same vision of success for your company. An ICO marketing agency like ours can help you identify your company’s unique pitch and prepare the perfect launchpad that will help your company skyrocket straight to success

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