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Get the attention of Investment Willing Investors: ICO Express is your Full-Service ICO Marketing Agency specializing exclusively on getting investors to invest in your ICO. Whether an offering gets noticed in time is essential for its success. We have helped numerous ICO’s get exposure that led to results. Let us help you implement a marketing strategy that will turn on thousands of investors unto your project:

Attention > Traffic > Trust > Investors

We take your ICO to thousands of potential investors using solid marketing strategies, proven effective in getting consistent results. We draw from our extensive Telegram Community to send a massive 7,000 proven investors to your ICO.

We set your ICO up to force the attention of investors. And put out strategic content to effectively build up trust. Soon your ICO will be the one the crypto world is talking about!

How do you make your ICO go viral?

ICO Express has helped numerous ICO’s attract investment capital and build an intense following. We have been in the cryptocurrency and digital advertising industry long enough to fine tune a proven formula for attracting enthusiastic investors to your ICO. By building up the hype your offering will generate exponential exposure among investors and realize its full potential. With our robust PR and marketing efforts, your offering will be presented to your investors in the most effective way possible.

Investor-Targeted Marketing at Industry-Tuned Speed

The difference between a successful and a failed ICO is more often than not it’s marketing. The perception of a project rarely survives a bad first impression. We specialize in getting ICO’s noticed in the crypto community. And make sure that your offering grabs the attention of the right people, at the right time and in the right way.

Not only does your ICO get noticed by thousands of proven investors, but we also make sure you keep feeding their interest and excitement with strategic daily content.

We want to be the voice of your business.

Our Press Release Services

We at Marketing24.io know that every business and individual has distinct media and press release needs and so we have tailored our services. Our trained and professional staff research and review dozen of news release services and then come up with the best one we think would be beneficial for your business. We offer press release distribution services to a variety of start-up and ICO companies from the various field.

Our Focus

Marketing24 exclusive solutions are not only focused on public perception, but on our indulgent understanding approach of buying drivers for specific products. Yes, no doubt Public Perception is of great importance but our PR services also focus on what drives sales for your services or products.

Get your ICO noticed within 24 Hours

Timing is everything in the crypto world. Technological advancement in the industry moves faster than almost any other industry. So your ICO’s success relies on reaching investors as fast as possible.

Behind ICO Express is a team of experienced marketing professionals with a strong established position in the crypto community. We understand the community from the inside, have established contacts throughout the industry, and are constantly in the ear of influential opinion makers.

That allows us to get your ICO as much exposure as possible within the very short window where it MUST hit to be relevant to investors. Hitting the market to late, or building up attention too slow, is one of the major reasons why ICO’s fail.

We have helped launch numerous ICO’s successfully — simply send us a message to learn our current track record!

Right now we have more than 7,000 proven investors ready to invest an average of $1,000 USD in ICO’s. Within hours crypto investors worth more than $7 million of investment capital could be looking at your ICO. Contact us to get results now while your ICO has the greatest chance of success.

Effective ICO Marketing, Increase your token sales instantly.

Result-driven ICO Marketing Do like thousands of crypto start-ups and
Increase your token sales NOW — not tomorrow!

Your ICO Meets 7,000 Active, Big-Spender Crypto Investors

Are you getting ready to launch your ICO?
Ok, perfect! How much are you hoping to raise? Picture that number and keep it in your head.
Now, imagine how much MORE you would raise if you had access to 7,000 active crypto investors — each averaging $1,000 per ICO! That’s AT LEAST $7,000,000 potential!
At ICO Express, that’s exactly what we provide you. These 7,000 active investors are part of our tight-knit Telegram Community, and with them, we’ve helped launch big-name coins with WILD success,
What will we do for you?
Create and upkeep your Telegram Channel, providing a high visibility hype platform.
Daily Content for your Telegram Channel – 5 new posts every single day!
Customize you a marketing plan that will help you meet and exceed your goals and forecasts.
Invite every one of our 7,000 active investors to your ICO.
And we do it QUICKLY! We know time is of the essence, and every day of not gathering excitement for your ICO is money down the drain. That’s why we create non-stop buzz with engaging content that will excite these investors about the opportunity to invest in your ICO.
Soon, people will be talking about YOU: Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Bitcointalk.. All the major outlets and hangouts will be teeming with people excited about the next big investment opportunity. Your ICO.
Don’t allow yourself to get stuck spending a ton of money on non-personal advertising and promotion. IT DOESN’T WORK. What works is personal communication with active investors on Telegram. Once you have a Telegram Channel filled with excited investors, word of your ICO will spread like wildfire. 
So are you ready to show these 7,000 active crypto investors your ICO? Because they’re ready to see what you’ve got.
Don’t waste another day, start generating hype by ordering our ICO marketing packages.

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ICO Marketing via Telegram

If you’re looking at the benefits of an initial coin offering (ICO) for your new cryptocurrency, coin, or token, then one of the best marketing tools available to you is Telegram. Although Telegram was initially designed to be a messaging app, it offers one unique feature: you have group messaging and direct messaging available to you.

There is an enhanced commitment to privacy within the app as well.

This combination of features has created a worldwide audience that is intrigued by unique opportunities. It creates communities that are both dynamic and vibrant, with groups hosting up to 100,000 members under its current structure.

Partner with an experienced ICO marketing agency to get the most out of this potential marketing advantage.

How Do You Get Started on Telegram?

The first thing that you will need to do is download the Telegram app. It is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Apple computers. Once you have completed the download, it will ask you to sign into the app with your phone number. If you have downloaded Telegram onto your phone, you’ll be able to look for your contacts that may already be using the app.

Follow the steps given to you and this will finish the account setup process. Once your account is ready to go, you’ll be able to join public grounds right away. That can be a useful personal step, as it will show you the numerous advantages which are possible when your ICO begins to use Telegram too. Once you’re familiar with Telegram, you and your ICO marketing agency can begin to develop your own channel.

Setting Up a Channel on Telegram Is Easy

The biggest mistake that and ICO makes when using Telegram to promote their blockchain is that they forget about the international aspect of the app’s community.

Different cultures bring unique challenges.

You may encounter several different languages as you begin to establish your channel.

You will have people engaged with your community all day, every day.

You will have a responsibility to protect your community from inappropriate behavior.

Managing your own channel can be a full-time job on its own. That is why an ICO marketing agency is a great asset to have when promoting your cryptocurrency.

Telegram gives you the option to make your channel public or private. You’ll be given a permanent URL for your new channel. Users will be able to subscribe to the community you are building by subscribing to the URL.

If you create a private channel, then new users will need permission to join the community. On a public channel, they would be automatically included in your group list.

There are links and messages within your channel that offer a live-view counter, including forwarded links.

With Telegram. you will get the chance to be authentic. You will be able to build a community that is engaged and excited about your ICO. Most importantly, you will be able to access a world of potential from one single app.

How to Begin Building Your Community

If you’re familiar with social media marketing, then building a community on Telegram will feel very familiar to you work on your ICO marketing.

The first rule of ICO advertising is that you shouldn’t be advertising 24/7. Your goal here is to foster a deeper connection with every person who joins your community.You must create a sense of belonging for Telegram to be an effective tool.That means you must stay engaged with the group, sharing information that is important and valuable to them.

It can be helpful to run games, contests, and other incentives within your Telegram channel as well. This will give your initial ICO marketing a push while promoting some fun within your community.

Make sure that you have your Telegram channel linked to your social media pages and profiles to maximize the impact your activities will have.


You will also find that returning the favor of a post with a post of your own creates a foundation of trust. Over time, this creates high levels of interest for your blockchain within the community you’ve helped to build.

Above everything else, you must be consistent with your presence on Telegram.

Most social media campaigns fail because they underestimate the time commitment that content requires. The same is true on Telegram.Having an experience ICO marketing agency by your side, providing the support you need, will help your initial coin offering get started on the right foot.

Now is the time to consider Telegram if you haven’t already. Let’s get that process started today.